Thursday, November 10, 2016

Completion screening event of new movie "Koto"

The completion screening event of new movie "Koto" was held on 9 November where the director Yuki Saito and the female leads Matsuyuki Yasuko, Hashimoto Ai and Narumi Riko appeared in kimonos. The movie which is based on Kawabata Yasunari's novel, will be shown in Kyoto first from 26 November and nationwide from 3 December.

The movie features Matsuyuki playing twin sisters where the elder sister Sada Chieko devotes her life to preserving tradition at a kimono shop in Kyoto while the younger sister Nakata Naeko lives in the mountains of Kitayama at Kyoto. Hashimoto plays Chieko's daughter who is unsure whether she should inherit the family business or strike out on her own and Narumi plays Naeko's daughter who is studying art in Paris but is troubled over what she really wants to paint.

Filming was done in Kyoto and Paris. During the filming in Paris, Narumi recounted that the process was so smooth thanks to the power of Matsuyuki who is regarded as a hare-onna (a woman who brings fine weather). Matsuyuki herself also joked that she must be very powerful as they were shooting during the rainy season and yet the weather was great during that period. Hashimoto praised Matsuyuki for being so cool and graceful so she is full of admiration for the latter. Matsuyuki returned the favour by saying that Hashimoto played her character very well.

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