Friday, November 18, 2016

Imoto Ayako to star in new NHK drama SP "Anata ni drop kick wo"

Imoto Ayako will be starring in the new drama SP "Anata ni drop kick wo" (Giving you a drop kick) which will be shown at 10pm on 17 March next year. This will be her first leading role in a NHK drama.

The drama which is based on the winning script by Nakatani Noriko in the 40th Sousaku Terebi Dorama Taisho, features Imoto as the heroine Akiko who has to bear with a lot of unfair treatment from the people around her such as being dumped by her fiance. When she meets Momo, a female pro wrestler who is of the same age as her, Akiko realises that she has to regain her life and live confidently and sets out to make changes in her life. The role Momo will be played by former wrestler Yasukawa Act while Akiko's former fiance will be played by Takahashi Mitsuomi.

Source: Oricon

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