Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Yamazaki Kento & Hirose Arisu to star in real-life adaptation movie of "Hyouka"

Yamazaki Kento and Hirose Arisu will be starring in the real-life adaptation movie of "Hyouka" which will be shown in cinemas next year. The film is based on the same-titled debut novel by mystery writer Yonezawa Honobu that sold more than 2.5 million copies and had been made into a manga and TV anime series previously. This will be the third time that Yamazaki and Hirose are working together.

Yamazaki plays the role of Oreki Houtarou who is a Year 1 senior high school student and lives by the mantra of "If I don't have to do something, I won't, but if I have to, I'll do it quickly" so as to "save energy". At the order of his elder sister, he joins the classic literature club in school so as to prevent it from being shut down. While there, he meets Chitanda Eru (Hirose) who comes from a family of wealthy farmers and is energetic and inquisitive about everything and they set up a newly-reformed classic literature along with Fukube Satoshi and Ibara Mayaka, who are Houtarou's friends since junior high. The four of them then try to unravel the truth behind "Hyouka" which is a compilation of classic literature published 33 years and their school festival which has a long-running history.

Filming was done in the Kanto region and Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture where the story is set at.

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