Monday, November 21, 2016

Kimura Fumino announces her marriage to her acting teacher

Kimura Fumino announced her marriage to her acting teacher on 17 November. The couple chose to register their marriage on 11 November and have no plans yet to hold a wedding. Kimura is not pregnant at the moment and will continue working as an actress.

Kimura's husband who is in his late 30s, started coaching her in acting from 5 years ago during workshop sessions organised by her current agency. At that time, Kimura had just resumed her career after taking a break due to atopic dermatitis and lack of opportunities and joined her agency six years ago. From then, she started learning about acting from the basics and grew to develop a strong relationship with her acting teacher before starting to date from three years ago.

Kimura posted her statement on her Instagram account where she confirmed her marriage. She revealed that she had been looking downwards and feeling negative about herself until she met her husband who gave her courage and is like a sun to her. Kimura also thanked everyone for their well wishes and pledged to continue working hard as an actress.

Sources: Nikkansports 1 / Nikkansports 2 / Sanspo

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junny said...

Oh wow, I had no idea she was even in a relationship. I wonder who this acting coach is. Congrats to the couple!