Friday, November 11, 2016

Kamikawa Takaya & Motokariya Yuika star in TV Asahi drama SP "Kenji no Honkai"

Kamikawa Takaya and Motokariya Yuika will be working together in the upcoming TV Asahi drama SP "Kenji no Honkai" (A prosecutor's long-cherished desire) which will be shown at 9pm on 3 December. The drama is the third adaptation based on the popular novel series "Sakata Sadato" by Yuzuki Yuuko. The first SP "Saigo no Shounin" was shown in January 2015 while the second SP "Kenji no Shimei" was shown in January this year. Kamikawa continues to play the role of Sakata Sadato together with his new partner Kato Shiori (Motokariya) who is an admin officer at the Tokyo Public Prosecutors Office.

This time, Sakata and Shoji Mao (Matsushita Yuki) who are both prosecutors at Yonezaki District Public Prosecutors Office will be sent to the Tokyo office to investigate a bribery case involving Ookouchi Sadakazu (Terada Minori) who also appeared in the last SP. In addition, the truth hidden by Sadato's father Yousei (Nakahara Takeo) who died in prison will come to light.

Kawakami revealed that he has always treated each of his projects as his last and put in his full effort so he does not expect a sequel to be made when the project ends. As such, whenever he gets an offer to play the same character again, he is filled with emotions and joy. With regard to this latest drama SP, Kawakmi commented that it will be a good mystery drama to watch, be it for those who have watched the first two SPs and those who are watching this for the first time. As TV Asahi has the tendency to "upgrade" drama SPs which have at least three installments to become full series e.g. "Aibou", Kamikawa expressed his wish for a Sakata Sadato series to materialise if given the chance to do so.

Filming was done at Kyoto during this summer which was a first for Motokariya who found many interesting and new things there as if she was in a different country. She also met up with her best friend Kanjiya Shihori who was also in Kyoto for another filming and went out for meals with her.

Sources: Sanspo / Oricon

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