Saturday, November 19, 2016

Completion screening ceremony of new movie "RANMARU Kami no shita wo motsu otoko ~ Hoozuki Death Road Hen"

The completion screening ceremony of new movie "RANMARU Kami no shita wo motsu otoko ~ Hoozuki Death Road Hen" was held at Annivesarie Toyosu on 15 November which was attended by the director Tsutsumi Yukihiko and cast members Mukai Osamu, Kimura Fumino, Sato Jiro, Kimura Tae and Ichihara Hayato. After the ceremony, the group moved to United Cinemas Toyosu for the press conference. The movie will be screened in cinemas from 3 December and continues from the TBS drama series "Kami no shita wo motsu otoko" which ended its run in September this year. Mukai plays the role of Tomonaga Ranmaru who has the ability to analyse the content of things just by tasting with his tongue. With the help of his companions played by Kimura and Sato, the trio visit onsen resorts and end up solving various mysterious cases. In the movie, the trio will visit an onsen within a secluded village where they encounter a series of murder cases again.

During the ceremony, Mukai commented that he was really happy that the movie was completed without a hitch and can finally be shown to the public but admitted that he was feeling slightly nervous and glad to share this moment with everyone. Tsutsumi joked by saying that the movie is a serious story which will set people thinking even though in reality, it is a comedy film. He also added that he hopes people will talk about this movie as much as they are doing for "Kimi no na wa" which is the current No.1 hit in the box office. Tsutsumi said in jest that it is up to viewers how they view this movie so he is prepared for their criticism and doesn't mind if the screening turns out to be flooded with complaints from the audience.

As everyone was dressed up for the event, Mukai revealed that he wasn't used to wearing the tuxedo but Kimura praised him for looking good while Tsutsumi chipped in to say that his height made Mukai look better.

Kimura who was new to the movie along with Ichihara, recounted how tough the filming was even though she had heard rumours about Tsutsumi's "unreasonable demands" which led Tsutsumi to "kneel down" for her forgiveness. Ichihara also commented that Tsutsumi made various demands of them even though the newly-added lines and actions were not in the script so this was a first for him.

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