Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Nagano Hiroshi & Shiraishi Miho announce their marriage

V6's Nagano Hiroshi and Shiraishi Miho got married on 29 November thus making him the second V6 member to do so after Inohara Yoshihiko married Seto Asaka in 2007. The couple first got to know each other when Shiraishi appeared as a guest on Nagano's NHK programme "Hare, Tokidoki Farm!" and started dating about two and a half years ago. The couple was first reported to be dating in the Nov 2014 issue of "Josei Seven". According to insiders, Shiraishi is not pregnant now and there are no plans yet for a wedding.

Nagano announced his marriage first through a statement in the regular newsletter mailed to members of V6's fanclub. Although he did not mention Shiraishi's name in the statement, he broke the news about his impending marriage through this channel as he wanted to inform the fans first. Later in the day, the couple released a joint statement via fax through Johnny's Jimusho where they announced to the media that they had registered their marriage on 29 November which is ii niku no hi (the day of good meat). As Nagano is known for being a gourmet and had released several food guides to date, it was believed that the date was chosen by him. The couple pledged to build a bright and happy family while continuing to work hard in their careers and asked for everyone's continued support in future.

Nagano also followed up with a posting on his blog "Gurume de gurume" on Johnny's Web where he mentioned his marriage without naming Shiraishi. He thanked his fans for their support and stated that he hopes to continue working hard in future.

Later the same night, V6 appeared on NTV's music show "Best Hit Kayousai 2016" when Nagano was congratulated by the host Sakurai Sho, his fellow members and colleagues from the same agency such as TOKIO, Arashi and Kanjani 8. After performing V6's songs, they tossed Nagano in the air as a form of celebration.

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