Sunday, November 06, 2016

First-day-screening event of new movie "Tanemaku Tabibito Yume no Tsugiki"

The first-day-screening event of new movie "Tanemaku Tabibito Yume no Tsugiki" was held at Yurakucho Subaru-za on 5 November which was attended by the director Sasabe Kiyoshi, cast members Takanashi Rin, Saito Takumi, Tsuda Kanji, Ebise Hana and Abe Megumi and Akaiwa Momo-chan who is the mascot of Akaiwa City in Okayama Prefecture. This movie is the third installment of the series featuring industries such as agriculture and fisheries and focuses on the peach farmers in Akaiwa.

Takanashi plays the lead character Ayane who works in the city government and also helps out at her family's peach orchard. Osamu (Saito) who is a young official from Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries comes to the city and the two of them gradually get closer through their efforts in coming up with a new type of peach. Takanashi commented that when she watched the movie before its release, she already thought that this will be an important movie in her career so she is very happy to see the film's release. As such, she hopes that the viewers will continue to remember this movie after watching it.

Abe who is making her debut in a movie through this film, expressed her thanks to Takanashi who plays her elder sister. Even though Takanashi had finished her filming, she still remained behind to give Abe a handwritten letter which was filled with love which made her feel like Takanashi was treating her like a real sister. Just then, Tsuda brought up the episode where the two of them had a fighting scene. Takanashi recounted that the scene was supposed to be shot at one go with one rehearsal but she had mistakenly thought that the rehearsal round was the real filming and went full force when she hit Abe. In return, Abe also responded in the same way. However, as Abe used to be a volleyball player, her force was much stronger than Takanashi which led Saito to ask the latter whether she felt painful and she replied in the affirmative. Abe also commented that this was the first time she got slapped and her face was swollen even on the next day.

During the event, the cast had to take turns drawing a potrait of Akaiwa Momo-chan with Takanashi finishing the last portion of the character's face. When Saito was told that there was something missing from the drawing, he suggested jokingly that they should draw how Momo-chan looks like when her skirt is raised up and add a peach tattoo to her arm. However, Takanashi pointed out correctly that the missing portion should be the flower accessory on Momo-chan's head. Once the potrait was completed, Momo-chan then appeared on stage with the cast.

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