Saturday, November 19, 2016

Kurashina Kana & Miura Shohei to star in TV Asahi Winter 2017 drama "Ubai Ai, Fuyu"

Kurashina Kana and Miura Shohei will be starring in the TV Asahi Winter 2017 drama "Ubai Ai, Fuyu" (Seizing love by force, Winter) which will begin its run from January in the Fridays 11.15pm timeslot. The drama will be produced by the staff which made 2016's "Fukigen na Kajitsu" and is an original story written by Suzuki Osamu.

Kurashina plays the role of Ikeuchi Hikari who works at a design company. Although she was not raised in a rich family, she is a gusty and clever woman who is engaged to a rich guy and her junior at the same company Okugawa Kouta (Miura). Kouta quit his previous job when he found out that he got it through his family's connections and went to work at Hikari's company. Just when things seem to be going well for Hikari, she reunites with her former boyfriend who she used to love a lot and begins an intense affair with him even though he is married and she is engaged. As a result of this, Kouta becomes very jealous and becomes a different person when he realises that Hikari is drifting away from him.

Kurashina commented that as she has very little experience acting in love stories, she feels rather embarrassed about playing a woman caught between two men. However, she hopes to get over this uncomfortable feeling and show the dilemma of Hikari's feelings for both men and be able to handle the intimate scenes in the drama. As for Miura, he remarked that his character this time is very different from his usual image so he will try his best to go up to the maximum level allowed in broadcasting standards. He is eagerly anticipating to see how he will look like as he shows how Kouta changes due to the jealousy consuming him from within. Besides the two of them, the other characters include Hikari's former boyfriend, his wife, Kouta's colleague who likes him and Kouta's over-protective mother where the cast will be announced at a later date.

Suzuki said that the viewers will be surprised many times as the story heads towards unexpected directions in this high-speed drama about fighting for love. Although there is no justice when it comes to this, the characters may find true love at the end of the drama.

Filming begins in the middle of December.

Sources: Nikkansports / Sanspo / Oricon


junny said...

I'm more interested in who will play the married lover. Not liking the look of Miura Shohei, he seems meh.

Chiaki said...

I have the same opinion as you. Somehow, I think this ex-boyfriend has a more significant presence compared to the fiance so I'm hoping it will be someone appealing enough to make the story believable.