Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Endo Kenichi, Oosugi Ren, Taguchi Tomorowo, Terajima Susumu, Matsushige Yutaka & Mitsuishi Ken to star in TV Tokyo Winter 2017 drama "Byplayers ~ Moshimo rokunin no meiwakiyaku ga sharehouse de kurashitara ~"

Six of Japan's most indispensable supporting actors will be sharing the limelight in TV Tokyo's upcoming Winter 2017 drama "Byplayers ~ Moshimo rokunin no meiwakiyaku ga sharehouse de kurashitara ~" (Supporting actors ~ what if 6 famous supporting actors live in a sharehouse ~) which will be shown in the Fridays 12.12am timeslot from January 2017. The six of them are (in alphabetical order) Endo Kenichi, Oosugi Ren, Taguchi Tomorowo, Terajima Susumu, Matsushige Yutaka and Mitsuishi Ken and they will be appearing as themselves in this almost-like-reality drama which features six middle-aged men living in a sharehouse together for three months.

The six of them were first selected in a feature article published in 2002 that named them as the six supporting actors which supported Japan's movie scene. Since then, they have talked about doing a movie together but it was only until now that they finally got the chance to do so in a drama. This drama will be written and directed by Matsui Daigo whose latest film "Azumi Haruko wa yukue fumei" which will be screened soon. The six of them will be showing their principles and preferences as actors as well as offer a look into their lifestyles through this drama. Matsui commented that to be able to assemble such a wonderful cast will definitely make this drama very interesting and encouraged viewers to watch this late night drama while enjoying some alcohol.

The setting of the drama describes how the six of them receive a request from an internationally-known director that they live together for three months so as to get closer to one another for the filming of a blockbuster drama which will be shown overseas. They will have to work out schedules for tasks such as doing housework and preparing the breakfast menu and squabble over every little thing possible. Actually, the six of them had some issues with one another due to a work project 10 years ago and their relationships get even rockier when they hear that the lead of their drama has left the project and discover the secret behind the drama offer to them.

Comments from the cast as follows:

Endo Kenichi - Although we have worked with one another before, this is the first time that all of us are assembled together. It is a very enjoyable filming process since we are all on good terms with one another and I think we will make a good team with Oosugi, our senior, being at the centre of the group.

Oosugi Ren - We've always said that we wanted to get together but it took more than 10 years for this to come true. I look forward to seeing the kind of chemical reaction among us who have very different personalities and hope to showcase the power of the Japanese middle-aged actors through this drama.

Taguchi Tomorowo - I thought it was a prank when I heard that we were finally going to realise our wish after all these years. We are all colleagues in the same line but also rivals, seniors and juniors so it is like a dream collaboration to do this drama. I would like to thank the staff for making this possible and will work hard to make sure that I do not lag behind by the other actors.

Terajima Susumu - It has been such a long time since we got together so I'm looking forward to this very much.

Matsushige Yutaka - It will be fun talking about our health issues and retirement plans during the filming breaks.

Mitsuishi Ken - I'm shivering from the excitement at being able to realise our dream of working together ever since I was included in this group more than 10 years ago. At the age of 55, this is such an exciting time for me and I'm really looking forward to the filming.

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