Sunday, November 13, 2016

First-day-screening event of new movie "Museum"

The first-day-screening event of new movie "Museum" was held at Shinjuku Picadilly on 12 November which was attended by the director Ootomo Keishi and cast members Oguri Shun, Ono Machiko, Tsumabuki Satoshi and Nomura Shuhei. The movie which is based on the popular manga by Tomoe Ryosuke, features Oguri as a police detective Sawamura who is investigating a series of bizarre murders committed by Kaeru Otoko (Tsumabuki) i.e. Frog Man on rainy days but finds himself being forced into a corner by the latter especially when his wife and son are abducted.

In line with Kaeru Otoko's habit of giving out "death sentences" to his victims for various reasons, there was a lucky draw held during the event where members of the audience would be subjected to various "punishments". When it came to the "punishment" of being able to shake hands with one of the actors, the lady who came onto the stage was asked whose fan she is. Initially, she tried to say Oguri's name but admitted in the end that she is Nomura's fan. This led Tsumabuki to joke that she seemed to do this so as not to hurt Oguri's feelings and the latter retorted that it hurt more this way. Nomura then called the fan to come to him and even gave her a hug on top of the promised handshake. Another female fan got the "punishment" of being surrounded by frog items which led Tsumabuki to "complain" that although he played Kaeru Otoko, he did not receive any frog items as a present.

When asked about which scene was most memorable, Tsumabuki revealed that there was a scene where he was chased around in his own house while wearing the Kaeru Otoko mask. However, he could not see well with the mask and accidentally bumped into the camera and hit his buttocks. Upon seeing this, everyone was asking if he was OK but they were also laughing at the same time. This led Tsumabuki to think to himself that he should punish these people in some way for laughing at him. Oguri who tried on the mask as well, revealed that it was so stuffy and he couldn't see clearly so he commended Tsumabuki for his hard work while wearing the mask.

As for Ono, she recounted that there was a scene where she had to be imprisoned inside a clear box after her character was abducted by Kaeru Otoko. However, she had undergone physical training two days earlier and was having muscle pains. Despite so, the director kept asking her to go into and come out of the box many times so she really thought that she wanted to do something to the director as "revenge". Nomura "complained" that although he was suspended in mid-air for a long time during the filming, he still enjoyed the first experience of doing that and decided to thank the director for the chance which led everyone to laugh at his attempt to please Ootomo.

As the filming was mainly done in Niigata, Oguri revealed that he had gone to a sushi restaurant recommended by Tsumabuki along with Nomura. Surprisingly, they kept bumping into Ootomo at the restaurant that the latter joked that the Kaeru Otoko kept appearing in front of him.

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