Sunday, November 20, 2016

Completion screening event of new Hulu drama "Daishou"

The completion screening event for the first two episodes of new Hulu drama "Daishou" was held in Tokyo on 16 November which was attended by cast members Oguri Shun and Takahashi Tsutomu. The filming for all six episodes of the drama had been completed so Oguri called upon fans to watch the entire drama at one go which will be quite enjoyable even though the story is rather intense and extreme.

Oguri plays a lawyer Keisuke in the drama who is driven to the edge by his childhood friend Tatsuya (Takahashi) who has been a psychopath since he was a child and subjected Keisuke through a lot of misery. When they reunite again as adults, Tatsuya engages Keisuke to represent him as he is caught for robbery and murder. With regard to his meek role here, Oguri remarked that he had been getting a lot of strong characters recently so it was tough to play this character who had many unimaginable things happen to him so it felt as if Keisuke had to take tranquilisers in order to continue living.

As for working with his buddy Takahashi who he had lived with for a while when they were younger, Oguri revealed that he was very happy to work with Takahashi again after such a long time and even more thrilled when the latter was confirmed earlier than him to participate in this drama. Takahashi responded by saying that Oguri is such a good guy for praising him like this and that his friend has become such a big star now compared to the days when they slept in a small room together.

In accordance with the theme of the drama, the two actors were put through a psychological test to see how psychopathic they were. Although they both claimed that they were not this type, Oguri got high scores in 4 out of 5 aspects which led Takahashi to joke that he sort of got the same feeling about his friend. Oguri argued that he had read several books about psychopaths during the preparation for the drama's feeling but there was nothing in his behaviour to suggest the same traits.

The first two episodes will be available for viewing via Hulu on 18 November and the subsequent episodes will be released every Friday. Both the US and Japan will get to watch the drama at the same time but Oguri commented that he thinks that the people in the US might not watch this though.

As Oguri's wife Yamada Yu is expecting their second child due to be born early next year, Oguri was asked how he feels about becoming a father of two. He commented that there is not much change although he won't know until it happens. Takahashi then joked that Oguri had promised to give him a room in his house but till date, that had not materialised.

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