Friday, November 11, 2016

Screening event of new NHK drama "Copyface ~ Kesareta Watashi ~"

The screening event of new NHK drama "Copyface ~ Kesareta Watashi ~" was held in Osaka City on 11 November which was attended by cast members Kuriyama Chiaki, Sato Ryuta, Ashina Sei and Tamaoki Reo. The drama consists of 6 episodes and will be shown from 18 November in the Fridays 10pm timeslot.

Kuriyama plays two roles in this drama where she is a capable weekly magazine's journalist and the wife of the director of a clinic. While trying to interview the director's wife, the journalist follows her and boards the same flight as her. Unfortunately, they encounter a plane crash which leads to the wife's death and the journalist being badly injured. She is mistaken to be the director's wife and goes through plastic surgery to look exactly like the wife. As she leads a new life with a different identity, the journalist falls in love with the director and is caught between continuing to lie or come clean.

The press conference for the event was held in the room of the director's wife which was filled with branded clothes and accessories. Kuriyama remarked that the room on the set is so wide but the size of the room made her feel quite unsettled. As such, she couldn't imagine living in such a room and thinks that she can only stay here once in a while just like a hotel room. When asked by a reporter if there was any ideal person she would like to become after undergoing plastic surgery, Kuriyama replied that she would like to become a handsome man who is popular with girls which made her co-stars laugh. As for playing two characters at the same time, Kuriyama admitted that it was tough but enjoyable and interesting.

Sources: Oricon / Yomiuri Hochi / Sponichi

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