Sunday, November 06, 2016

First-day-screening event of new movie "Zoku Shinya Shokudou"

The first-day-screening of new movie "Zoku Shinya Shokudou" was held at Marunouchi TOEI 1 on 5 November which was attended by the director Matsuoka Joji and cast members Kobayashi Kaoru, Sato Koichi, Kawai Aoba, Ikematsu Sousuke, Kojima Ijiri, Fuwa Mansaku, Ayata Toshiki, Tabe Mikako and Odagiri Jo. The movie which is based on the manga by Abe Yaro, features a late-night eatery "Meshiya" operated by Master who can cook dishes requested by his customers if he has the ingredients.

While filming the second drama series, Kobayashi shared a comment from Matsushige Yutaka about the series' popularity being a miracle so for the second movie to be made, it felt even more incredible to the cast and staff. The director also chipped in to say that considering that the series was made with a very low budget, being able to come this way was a big achievement with everyone putting in their best. He recounted when he first asked Odagiri to join in the series and said that he wanted to do something differemt it made the latter misunderstand that the director was going to quit his job and change lines.

Sato who appeared as a guest star in this movie, revealed that it had been 32 years since he last worked with Kobayashi in the 1984 TBS drama "Kiken na Futari" and they made fun of each other by saying that they both had aged. Kobayashi also thanked Sato for participating in the movie to make this even better.

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