Tuesday, November 29, 2016

ASKA arrested again for alleged consumption of stimulants

ASKA (real name Miyazaki Shigeaki) was arrested again for alleged consumption of stimulants on 28 November after being brought to the Metropolitan Police Department for voluntary questioning from his home. He had been sentenced to 3 years in prison, suspended for 4 years when he was found guilty of the same offence back in September 2014. As the current offence supposedly took place during his suspended sentence period, he is liable for a heavier sentence this time especially since he pledged to stay away from drugs in front of the judge just 2 years and 2 months ago.

The case first began on 25 November when ASKA called the police to complain that his house had been bugged. Upon arrival at ASKA's place, the police conducted a search in his and his wife's presence but could not find anything suspicious to indicate so. However, they noticed that ASKA was behaving strangely thus asked him to go for a voluntary urine test. On 27 November, he tested positive for stimulants consumption. The police conducted a search of his house in front of his family members on 29 November.

News of ASKA's impending arrest first surfaced in the media after 2pm on 28 November but he denied the news by posting four times on his blog. He returned to his house around 6.30pm by taxi and had attempted to leave his house in his Mercedes Benz car but was unsuccessful due to the 200-or-so reporters who had gathered outside. After returning to his house, three police cars arrived at 8pm and the policemen escorted ASKA to the car. However, due to the media frenzy, it took the police 10 minutes to move out of the 200m-long road and they were also tailed by some reporters who followed on their motorbikes. Some people were knocked down or had their legs injured due to the crowding and the local residents complained to the police about the disturbance caused.

Upon receiving news that his partner had been arrested again, CHAGE released a statement on 29 November via his official website and apologised for the disturbance and inconvenience caused. He also felt sorry to the fans for this and said that he is sad and regretful when he knew that ASKA might have made the same mistake again. However, CHAGE admitted that he was at a loss right now due to this matter so he will have to spend some time for reality to sink in and apologised for causing worry to everyone.

Sources: Sponichi / Nikkansports / Oricon

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