Friday, November 04, 2016

Presentation ceremony of ARIGATO awards during the 29th Tokyo International Film Festival

The presentation ceremony of the ARIGATO awards from the 29th Tokyo International Film Festival was held at EX Theatre on 3 November which was attended by the winners i.e. director Shinkai Makoto of "Kimi no na wa", Takahata Mitsuki and Tsumabuki Satoshi. Godzilla also made an appearance during the ceremony as it was given an award for being the highest level unrivalled character. The ARIGATO awards are given to people who have made outstanding contributions to the Japanese film industry as a form of appreciation.

Tsumabuki was awarded for his performance in movies such as "Kazoku wa tsurai yo" and "Ikari". During his acceptance speech, Tsumabuki commented that the turning point in his acting career was the movie "Waterboys" where he first experienced the hard work involved in making Japanese films. A movie is never created by one person as it is a team effort involving the director, cast and staff. Although he never expected to be given this award, he will see this as a huge encouragement to work hard again as if he is making a fresh start.

Takahata who had appeared in the NHK morning drama "Toto Nee-chan" was praised to be a homegrown heroine who had grown over the years. She commented during her speech that ever since she began her career in musicals to acting in dramas and movies, it has been a long 10 years but she never imagined to be able to receive such an award alongside Godzilla. As such, she felt really happy about this. Although she has not appeared in many movies yet, she hopes to know more about the genre in time to come and thanked the organisers for giving her this award.

As for Shinkai whose movie is currently a big hit in the box office, he commented that the reason quoted for his win was that he is a new star in the animation world this year. However, he has already been doing this for the past 10 years so there is really nothing he has changed from then to now. From now on, he will continue to predict what viewers want to do and hope to be able to continue making animation films as usual. He also mentioned that the success of "Kimi no na wa" is not his alone as the staff, actors such as Kamiki Ryuunosuke and Kamishiraishi Mone and RADWIMPS who provided the movie's music have all contributed to the phenomenon where more than 10 million people have seen the movie to date. As such, he wanted to make use of the occasion to thank everyone who have watched and supported the movie so far.

Godzilla happened to get its award on Godzilla Day i.e. 3 November. During the acceptance speech by Yamauchi Akihiro who was the producer of "Shin Godzilla", he thanked the organisers for the award to their company's "senior" Godzilla. Although it had been 12 years since the last Godzilla movie was made, the number of people who watched the new sequel was far more than they expected and the film is currently making its rounds overseas. As such, they hope that more people can see Godzilla's resurrection through the new movie.


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