Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Moriyama Mirai announces his departure from his agency to go solo

Moriyama Mirai announced via his official website on 1 November that he will be departing from his current agency "Office Saku" whose president is actress Matsuda Miyuki, the wife of the late actor Matsuda Yusaku and the mother of Matsuda Ryuhei and Matsuda Shota who also belong to the same agency. Moriyama stated in his statement that he will be going solo with effect from 1 November and thanked everyone at Office Saku for their help so far. As for the reason why he wants to set up his own agency, Moriyama explained that he wishes to explore various options of performing while keeping his feet firmly on the ground thus the best option is for him to be independent. Although he doesn't know what to expect in future, he will go with the flow and try to roam the world of performing arts with his simplicity and honesty. He ended the statement by calling for the continued support of everyone from now on.

Sources: Yomiuri Hochi / Sanspo

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