Wednesday, December 16, 2015

2 new features on the blog

As you may have noticed, I have added two new features on the right side of the blog i.e. the Featured Post and Popular Posts sections.

The Featured Post is used to highlight important announcements made through the blog so you don't have to go through the archives to search for it. For now, I've put the post which mentions how to contact me via PM on the blog's Facebook fanpage so please refer to that if need be.

The other section "Popular Posts" features the top 10 most popular posts in the last 30 days (rather than top 10 most popular all time as set earlier since the ranking hardly changes due to the older posts having accumulated a huge headstart over the newer posts) and will automatically be changed when there are posts which have become more or less popular among the readers here. It might be a good starting point for new followers of this blog who are keen to read what were popular in the past. Even for existing followers, you can see what topics were popular with the audience here.

If you have any comments about these features, please feel free to leave them here or through the Facebook page!

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