Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Production press conference of ABC drama SP "Koori no Wadachi"

The production press conference of ABC's 65th anniversary drama SP "Koori no Wadachi" was held on 31 October which was attended by the cast members Shibasaki Kou, Sawamura Ikki, Miyamoto Nobuko and Yo Kimiko. The drama which will be shown at 9pm on 5 November, is based on the same-titled novel by Sakuragi Shino and features Shibasaki as a newbie police detective who teams up with her senior played by Sawamura to solve a case.

The filming was done over 20 days at Kushiro in Hokkaido during winter so the cast spent most of their time together. During their filming break, they even went to the Kushiro Shitsugen for a tour. While talking about the trip, Shibasaki was suddenly lost for words as she looked at Sawamura's face and admitted sheepishly that she had mixed up Sawamura's real name with his character name in the drama for a moment. Upon hearing this, Sawamura introduced himself to Shibasaki again and joked that this will probably make it to the top of Yahoo! News later in the day which led her to apologise for her blunder. Apparently this was not the only thing which Shibasaki forgot as she suddenly remembered how cold it was to film in Kushiro and that she was in pain due to the cold which led Sawamura to tease her for wearing a sleeveless dress today.

The director Takimoto Tomoyuki made a surprise appearance at the press conference where he revealed that Shibasaki had asked him why she was approached to play the lead character. In response, Takimoto told her that she looked like someone who is lonely and troubled and he was thankful that she still accepted the offer after hearing this. Shibasaki then recalled what he said and commented that she did think that it was rude of him to say that which led Takimoto to "pacify" her.

Shibasaki also revealed that she tends to avoid filming in winter as she can't stand the cold but upon reading the script and seeing the cast lineup, she decided to take up the offer. She hopes that the viewers will be able to appreciate the sights and atmosphere of Kushiro and the cast's acting through this drama. Yo also chipped in to say that she had been to many robatayaki restaurants during the filming period while Miyamoto said that she enjoyed being at Kushiro as she didn't need to wear a mask to guard against hay fever.

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