Sunday, July 31, 2016

10th Anniversary Game: Guess The Drama? Round 1 - UPDATED (LAST HINT)

Did you know the answer to the trial question? The photo is actually from "N no Tame Ni" and featured Eikura Nana and Kubota Masataka riding a bicycle together. Quite a number of you have guessed it correctly despite the fact that I deliberately chose a blurry version of the picture so it was not that easy to identify who the two people in the photo are. The version I posted here is a bit clearer as you can see the side profiles of the actors. Congratulations to those who got this trial question correct!

And now, here's the first round's question. Please listen to the 30-sec clip below and tell me the name of the drama where this BGM came from. The answer for Round 1 will be announced along with Round 2's question so I won't be responding individually to all players on whether your answer is correct or not. Please submit your answer to me via Facebook or Twitter direct/private message. If you can't make use of these channels for some reason, you can leave your answer as a comment in this post.

Even if you don't know the answer to this round, there's always the next round to attempt so don't be discouraged!

Good luck, have fun and looking forward to receiving your guesses soon!

UPDATE 1: 12 hours into this round, there's only one person who has provided the correct answer. As such, this player will get 5 points for this round.

Here is a hint to make this easier to guess so you will get 3 points if you get it correct:

Yamazaki Kento & Nikaidou Fumi played siblings in this drama.

Good luck in getting this round correct!

UPDATE 2: So far, only one player has scored 5 points while five other players have scored 3 points each. Here is the final hint for this round:

Tokyo Jihen 東京事変

Please submit your answers before 11.59pm tonight (GMT+8) in order to score 1 point for this round. Round 1's answer will be announced together with Round 2's question at midnight.

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himitsu-17 said...

Wahoo difficult :3 I have no idea ^^ I guess I'll listen to it all day thinking "did I watch this drama or not ... " ^___^

I forgot, but thank you for all the hard work you're giving for this game and this blog :)

Madoka said...

I don't have Twitter or Facebook.

The clip is from Atami no Sousakan.

bibiw said...

"Atami no sousakan" which starring Odagiri Jo

Chiaki said...

Hi Madoka, bibiw,

Congratulations on getting this round correct! Good luck for the next round!