Saturday, July 23, 2016

Top 10 celebrities appearing most in the news for the first half of 2016 (Oricon)

Oricon counted the number of times a celebrity appeared in articles on Yahoo! topics and LINE NEWS between 1 January and 30 June this year but there are a few exceptions in the counting method:
- Sports athletes and deceased celebrities
- Mention of the celebrity's group name only
- News related to criminal cases
- Mention of TV programmes bearing the person's name but the article is not about the person

* Number in brackets reflect the number of articles which the person appeared in. The main reasons/topics why the person was in the news appear behind the numbers.

1) Becky (442) - Alleged affair with Kawatani Enon, break from work and restarting her showbiz activities

2) Kawatani Enon (249) - Alleged affair with Becky

3) Nakai Masahiro (171) - SMAP's rumoured disbanding, his interview with Becky about her return to work and his charity visits to the areas hit by the Kumamoto earthquake

4) Kano Eiko (130) - Breakup with Kato Sari and alleged multiple girlfriends

5) DAIGO (112) - Marriage to Kitagawa Keiko and the release of his proposal song

6) Kato Sari (109) - Breakup with Kano Eiko

7) Kitagawa Keiko (97) - Marriage to DAIGO

8) Matsumoto Hitoshi (90) - Comments on various issues while on TV programmes

9) Sashihara Rino (83) - Winning the AKB48 election and comments while on TV programmes

10) Takahashi Minami (78) - Graduating from AKB48 and rumours of alleged romance

Source: Oricon


Anonymous said...

what about Kanjiya Shihori's romance rumor? she's dating actor Ryosei Konishi

Chiaki said...

Apparently, this news was not as significant as compared to the news involving the people who made it to this ranking so there were probably not that many articles on this topic.

Anonymous said...

what about this?

Chiaki said...

As mentioned in the beginning of my post, this ranking takes into account the articles that appeared on Yahoo Japan and LINE only. Besides, the news about Kanjiya was considerably less mentioned as compared to the news topics mentioned in this ranking. If I recall correctly, the news only came out this month so it wouldn't have qualified for this ranking anyway due to the cutoff date.

Chiaki said...
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Anonymous said...

try this-