Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Yuka & Aoki Munetaka hold their wedding at Meiji Shrine

Yuka and Aoki Munetaka who registered their marriage on 27 June, held their wedding at Meiji Shrine in Tokyo one month later on 27 July. Yuka was dressed in a pure white kimono dress while Aoki was in a hakama during their Shinto-style wedding which was attended by about 20 family members only.

On the same day, there were about 200 visitors to the shrine of which about 80 percent were foreigners. Upon seeing the couple appear on the shrine's grounds, many tourists tried to take pictures of them even though they might not have realised that the couple are celebrities. However, they were stopped by the security staff who raised their voices while warning the onlookers.

Source: Daily Sports

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