Saturday, March 03, 2018

Shuri, Suda Masaki & Naka Riisa to star in new movie "Ikiterudakede, Ai"

Shuri will be starring in the new movie "Ikiterudakede, Ai" (Just Live, Love) which is based on the same-titled novel by Motoya Yukiko that was one of the nominees for the 135th Akutagawa Award and 18th Mishima Yukio Award. Co-stars include Suda Masaki,  Naka Riisa, Tanaka Tetsushi and Nishida Naomi and the movie will be shown in cinemas from autumn this year.

The story describes how a woman struggling with immense loneliness is involved in a sad relationship with a man who refuses to show his true self and thoughts to the people around him. Shuri plays Yasuko who suffers from hypersomnia and tends to stay at home without interacting with others. She cohabits with her boyfriend Tsunaki (Suda)  who works in the editorial department of a gossip magazine. As Yasuko is unable to control her emotions, she is even more irritated with Tsunaki who shows no interest and concern in her. One day, Tsunaki's former girlfriend Ando (Naka) appears and plans to force Yasuko and Tsunaki to break up. Being forced to work part-time at a cafe bar by Ando, Yasuko gradually begins to open up to the people at her workplace but something trivial happens which leads her to run away from the bar.

Filming began from 5 January and had been completed.

Sources: / Natalie / Yomiuri Hochi / Nikkansports

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