Friday, March 09, 2018

Abe Hiroshi & Tokiwa Takako to star in new NHK drama SP "Harukanaru yama no yobigoe"

Abe Hiroshi and Tokiwa Takako will be starring in the new NHK drama SP "Harukanaru yama no yobigoe" (The call beyond the faraway mountain) which will be shown this autumn. A movie version directed by Yamada Yoji was released in 1980 which starred the late Takaura Ken and Baisho Chieko. Filming of this SP will be done entirely in Hokkaido between May and June this year.

Abe will be playing the lead character Tajima Kousaku who has had a tragic life while Tokiwa plays Kazami Tamiko.who is a widow working as a dairy farmer. In the spring of 2018 at Nakashibetsu, Hokkaido, Tamiko continues to adopt the practice of complete grazing which was her late husband's dream despite the objections of everyone and their business being in the red. To make things worse, her father-in-law's condition suffers as a result of his chronic illness which makes Tamiko the sole breadwinner in the family. Just then, a stranger Tajima Kousaku appears at the ranch on a stormy night asking to take refuge because his motorbike has broken down. Even though Tamiko has reservations towards Kousaku, she takes him in when he asks to work for her at the ranch.

Source: Oricon

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