Friday, March 16, 2018

Beat Takeshi leaves his agency "Office Kitano" to join his personal agency

Beat Takeshi will be leaving his agency Office Kitano at the end of March to join his personal agency "T. N Gon" which was set up in autumn 2015 with his rumoured lover cum business partner who is 18 years younger than him. He became the personal agency's president in March last year. It was reported on 14 March that his move is to increase the amount of time he has for himself and attempt new things such as writing novels and painting as he is about to turn 70.

The president of Office Kitano Mori Masayuki responded to media queries that Beat Takeshi had asked to leave the agency as he wanted to relieve himself of the weight he had been carrying all this while and stressed that there was no disagreement between the agency and him. However, due to his departure, the agency may change its name or scale down its operations. Meanwhile, his disciples in the his group known as "Takeshi Gundan" set up in 1983 will be staying put at Office Kitano for now but the movements of the actors and actresses also managed by the company such as Terajima Susumu are not confirmed yet.

Beat Takeshi who used to belong to Ota Production, set up Office Kitano with Mori in 1988 after the "Friday" Attack incident in 1986. Back then, Takeshi was angry with "FRIDAY" for its reports and led 11 people to attack the editorial office. The group was then arrested by the police so Takeshi had pledged then to take care of these people by taking them under the wings of Office Kitano after the sentence was passed.

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