Thursday, March 08, 2018

Supporting cast of new movie "50 Kaime no First Kiss" announced

The supporting cast of new movie "50 Kaime no First Kiss" starring Yamada Takayuki and Nagasawa Masami had been announced. The movie is the Japanese remake of American movie "50 First Dates" and featured Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore as its leads. In the Japanese version set at Oahu Island in Hawaii, Yamada plays Yuge Daisuke, a tour guide studying astronomy in his free time and is a playboy who only gets involved in relationships with no strings attached. Nagasawa plays Fujishima Rui who is suffering from amnesia as a side-effect after an accident where her memory gets reset every night. The two of them meet at Oahu in early summer and begin a romance after he falls in love with her at first sight. However, Daisuke has to woo Rui every day as she keeps forgetting him and every kiss they share is like a first kiss for them. Filming was done over a month on location in Hawaii.

Muro Tsuyoshi plays Daisuke's buddy Uula Yamazaki and gushed about how excited he was about the filming in Hawaii. He also talked about how the director Fukuda Yuichi was doing something quite different with Yamada and him this time so he hoped that the audience would like this side to the three of them. Last but not least, he added that Nagasawa looked extremely sexy with her swimsuit worn underneath a big T-shirt which should be one of the major highlights in this movie.

Sato Jiro plays Rui's father Kenta while Taiga plays her younger brother Shintaro who supports her wholeheartedly and loves to do muscle training. Katsuya will play Daisuke's boss at work Mikata Kazuhiko while Yamazaki Hirona will play Daisuke's colleague Takato Sumire who is secretly in love with him. Last but not least, Ohwada Shinya will play Rui's doctor Natori.

The movie will be released in cinemas from 1 June.

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