Friday, March 30, 2018

Supporting cast line-up of new movie "Kasane" announced

The supporting cast line-up of new movie "Kasane" starring Tsuchiya Tao and Yoshine Kyoko had been announced. The movie which is based on the same-titled manga by Matsuura Daruma, has sold more than 1.8m copies to date and focuses on the theme of the beauty and ugliness of human beings. Tsuchiya plays the role of Tanzawa Nina who is blessed with good looks but is struggling to improve in her acting career while Yoshine plays Fuchi Kasane, an actress who is talented in her craft thanks to her mother who was a legendary actress but has less than desirable looks. As such, Kasane has a strong inferior complex due to her appearance. However, when Kasane inherits a mysterious lipstick which is said to have the power to switch the faces of people who kiss while wearing it, she decides to use it on Nina which allows Kasane to achieve great success with Nina's looks and her strong acting skills. On the other hand, Nina goes on a downward spiral in her life due to her newly-acquired ugliness.

Yokoyama Yu plays an up-and-coming director Ugou Reita who is loved by both Kasane and Nina and the key factor which triggers their rivalry. Yokoyama described his character as someone who may be seen as unapproachable but is actually just like any human being who falls for the new Nina (Kasane) when he is impressed with her acting. This movie will also mark his first time at acting in an intimate scene which he remarked was a refreshing and new experience for him.

Dan Rei will play Kasane's mother Fuchi Sukeyo who was a legendary actress. She commented that although she is playing a dead person, her presence in the story shows through the people she loved. Despite so, Dan said that Kasane can be seen as the symbol of horror in this movie but she had a lot of fun playing the character who caused a tragedy in her relentless pursuit of beauty.

Asano Tadanobu plays Habuta Kingo who used to be a director and knows about Sukeyo's past and the secret of the lipstick. As a result, he becomes the catalyst in the change to Kasane's and Nina's lives. Asano commented that Habuta is a person who thinks only of himself and causes chaos to the two girls because of his desire to see what would happen to them. He also praised the lead actresses where Tsuchiya is the hardworking type while Yoshine is able to absorb a lot on the set. If he was an actress in the same generation as them, Asano felt that he might be really jealous of the two of them.

The movie will be shown in cinemas from 7 September.

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