Saturday, March 31, 2018

Imai Tsubasa announces the suspension of his work activities again due to Ménierè's disease

Imai Tsubasa will be taking a break from work for the time being due to Ménierè's disease as announced on 28 March. According to his agency, Imai complained of repeated and serious bouts of giddiness and was diagnosed with a relapse of Ménierè's disease which led to his immediate hospitalisation on the same day. His agency apologised to fans and work-related personnel for the worry and inconvenience caused as a result of this sudden situation.

Imai had suffered from Ménierè's disease back in October 2014 when he finished his stage play and complained of giddiness. He was diagnosed with the illness in the following month and hospitalised till early December in the same year. After a two-month hiatus from work, he returned to his radio show in late December and was able to participate in that year's Johnny's countdown concert without any issues.

As a result of his treatment and recuperation period, his work activities will be affected. He was due to appear at the press conference for a FujiTV anime "Layton Mystery Tanteisha" on 29 March but had to skip this. The 29 March episode of his radio show "Imai Tsubasa no to base" had been postponed and there are discussions on whether to end it permanently. He will also have to quit from the stage play "Ongakugeki Marius" which is due to begin from June but his replacement has yet to be decided. As for the stage play "Othello" due to begin in September, whether he can go ahead with this will have to depend on his condition going forward.

Source: Nikkansports

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