Thursday, March 22, 2018

Supporting cast line-up of NTV Spring 2018 drama "Gakebuchi Hotel" announced

The supporting cast line-up of NTV Spring 2018 drama "Gakebuchi Hotel" starring Iwata Takanori & Toda Erika had been announced. The drama which begins its run from 15 April 2018 in the Sundays 10.30pm timeslot, is a situational comedy set at a hotel in the suburbs with a debt of JPY 300m and is on the verge of bankruptcy despite having seen better days in the past as a high-class hotel. Ukai Naoya (Iwata), a guy with a rough appearance and hardly looks like a typical hotel guest, shows up unannounced at the hotel and starts making unthinkable demands on the staff who are not motivated and poor at their work which then leads to various unexpected miracles happening as a result. Toda plays the 29-year-old general manager Sakurai Sana who is serious and straightforward but somewhat clumsy as she tries to save the hotel from ruin. The entire drama will features locations within the hotel only i.e. the rooms, lobby, playroom and restaurant etc.

Hamabe Minami will play a newbie patissier Hourai Haru who has a venomous tongue and poor at reading situations while Nakamura Tomoya plays the head chef Eguchi Ryuji who is obsessed with boat racing and cuts corners in his work. Kukkii will play the quiet receptionist Otawara Taishi who looks like a menacing bad guy and Chad Mullane plays the weak bellboy Pierre Tanaka who looks like a foreigner who can speak English but actually can't understand a single word. Saeki Daichi plays the elusive waiter Hattori Yozo and Suzuki Kosuke plays the administration chief Tanzawa Akihito who is obsessed with the profit and loss statement of the hotel. Miyagawa Daisuke plays Abe Choukichi, a cleaner who keeps complaining while his colleague Yoshimura Naomi who keeps pilfering amenity supplies from the hotel is played by Nishio Mari. Ryou will play the person-in-charge of the hotel's bar Edagawa Kozue who is forever in a tipsy mode and Watanabe Ikkei will play the assistant manager Tokisada Masao who is rumoured to have embezzled money from the hotel.

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