Friday, March 30, 2018

Top 10 favourite and disliked actors in 2017 (Shukan Bunshun)

Shukan Bunshun conducts an annual survey on its email magazine subscribers to find out which actress and actor they like or dislike that year. In the recently concluded survey, 6,900 responses were received and here is the list of the top 10 favourite and disliked actors in 2017. The number of votes received is reflected in brackets while their positions in 2016 are presented in italics and those outside of the top 10 get a dash:

Top 10 favourite actors
1) Tamaki Hiroshi (107) -
2) Abe Hiroshi (106) No.2
3) Kimura Takuya (85) No.1
4) Takahashi Issei (70) -
5) Sakai Masato (63) No.8
6) Kusanagi Tsuyoshi (57) -
7) Suda Masaki (54) -
8) Yamada Takayuki (39) -
9) Yamashita Tomohisa (33) -
10) Matsuzaka Toori (30) No.5

Top 10 disliked actors
1) Kimura Takuya (647) No.1
2) Sakagami Shinobu (94) -
3) Dean Fujioka (45) -
4) Fukuyama Masaharu (40) No.2
5) Yamazaki Kento (37) -
6) Kusanagi Tsuyoshi (34) -
7) Sakai Masato (29) No.3
8) Mukai Osamu (28) No.4
9) Mizutani Yutaka (27) No.5 / Higashide Masahiro (27) No.7

Source: Shukan Bunshun


Anonymous said...

Kimtaku, Kusanagi and Masato Sakai made both lists. At least they're consistent.

Anonymous said...

Dang, that's a lot of agreement on hating Kimura. He should get a special prize for being the most hated beloved actor. It's quite an achievement.

Chiaki said...

For anyone to get so much dislike, regardless of whether I like Kimutaku or not, I actually felt bad for him to be that disliked. Then again, this ranking is somewhat skewed because it targets readers of a particular magazine only and the sample size is not that big. Just take this with a pinch of salt and read for fun although I think those in the disliked list probably won't feel as positive about this.

Kokoro Ai said...
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junny said...

Happy for Tamaki to top the favourites list!

As for Kimutaku, are people still blaming him for the SMAP breakup?

Chiaki said...

Hi junny, I think there are three main reasons often cited in the media as to why Kimutaku is so disliked:
- Him enjoying preferential treatment
- His acting skills or rather the lack of it
- His wife Kudo Shizuka

The first point has been an issue for ages even before the SMAP breakup because he's always been seen as treated differently in various ways. And the fact that he was being seen as the person who forced the rest to apologise on live TV when the breakup saga first came to light didn't help either.

The second point has more to do with people's opinion of him being Kimutaku regardless of which role he is playing.

As for Kudo Shizuka, I don't think some people still accept her as Kimutaku's wife till now even though they have been married for so long and their daughters are already teenagers. I think it was last year or slightly earlier when she posted some photos online which offered a peak into her family life that got some fans really riled up because they felt she was using her husband to gain exposure. Thanks to such people, it has sort of become an unwritten rule that you don't really talk about your spouse in public unless you have some special status like Kimura Yoshino talked about Higashiyama Noriyuki.

Anonymous said...

They say that if you are in both lists (favorite and disliked) then it could only mean that you're very popular. After all, all popular people have their share of supporters and haters.

junny said...

Thanks, Chiaki, for the detailed response. It's silly of people not to accept Kudo Shizuka, she's been his wife for so long already. Isn't she an established singer in her own right? And there's nothing wrong about sharing photos of your family, it's not like she's doing it excessively.

As for the first two points, I can see why people get upset over it.