Thursday, March 15, 2018

Handover ceremony for NHK morning dramas "Warotenka" and "Hanbun, Aoi"

The handover ceremony for NHK morning dramas "Warotenka" and "Hanbun, Aoi" was held on 15 March at its HQ in Shibuya, Tokyo, which was attended by the dramas' leads Aoi Wakana and Nagano Mei. "Warotenka" will end its run on 31 March while "Hanbun, Aoi" starts from 2 April.
Nagano revealed that before she got the role, she went for a meal with Aoi after her audition for "Hanbun, Aoi" and had expressed her wish to be able to receive the baton from Aoi. As such, she was very happy for her wish to come true and thanked Aoi for her hard work over the last 10 months. Nagano also commented that even though she would get busier from now on, she still hoped to be able to meet Aoi for a meal when they are both free. Aoi also expressed her joy about her friend Nagano being the heroine even though they have never worked together before so this press conference marked their first collaboration. She commented that the new drama will be bursting with Nagano's cuteness and encouraged her to work hard for the filming ahead.

During the gift exchange segment, Aoi gave a java sparrow pouch containing sweets and a set of manjuu bearing the images of the comedians featured in "Warotenka" to Nagano while Nagano gave a Minoyaki mug cup made by herself and goheimochi which is a signature produce of Gifu to Aoi.

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