Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Press conference of new dTV & FOD drama "Kareshi wo loan de kaimashita"

The press conference of new dTV & FOD drama "Kareshi wo loan de kaimashita" was held at Space FS Shiodome on 8 March which was attended by cast members Mano Erina and Yokohama Ryuusei. The drama which was written by Nojima Shinji, consists of 8 episodes and begins its run from 9 March that will be updated on dTV and FOD on Fridays and Mondays. Mano Erina plays Ukishima Tae, a receptionist working at a large multinational trading company and has the dream of becoming a full-time housewife. In order to achieve this goal, she pretends to be a perfect woman in front of her perfect boyfriend Shiraishi Junpei and hides her true thoughts. However, when she discovers that Junpei is cheating on her, Tae decides to "buy" a boyfriend for the sake of releasing her pent-up frustrations that cannot be shown to Junpei and show her true self but this will come at the cost of monthly loan payments of 39,800 yen. Yokohama Ryuusei will play Setsuna Jun who is the boyfriend "bought" by Tae.

Mano who had acted in Nojima's stage play "Usani" before, commented that Nojima's works tend to talk about love and admitted that she couldn't really comprehend her character Tae's thinking of getting a convenient boyfriend when she already has someone she wants to marry. However, as the filming progressed, she gradually came to realise that getting married is not as simple as it seems especially with the many realistic factors which come into play. As such, she joked that Nojima's drama seemed to have popped the bubble of fantasy that people may have towards marriage. When asked about any memorable scenes in the drama, Mano cited that the scene where Reika (Hasegawa Kyoko) threw a ball at her loan boyfriend and ordered him to pick it up was very shocking to her. As for Yokohama, he chose the scenes where the ladies in the drama were talking because he was surprised and frightened by the things they said.

At the end of the event, Mano and Yokohama read messages which the audience had written on cat-shaped cards before the screening. When they read messages such as "I want to be bought by Mano-chan" or "I want a boyfriend like Yokohama even if I have to bear the burden of a loan", everyone laughed at these wishes. Yokohama then revealed that his wish was for the drama to be seen by as many people as possible but hoped that everyone did not have put up a pretense to the extent of what the heroine did in front of their loved ones. Mano then said jokingly that he shouldn't see this sort of pretense in a negative way and hoped that women like her character would be liked by everyone.

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