Wednesday, March 14, 2018

2018's Top 10 most desired female celebrities who you want as a girlfriend (Oricon)

Oricon conducts an annual survey on 1,000 men in their teens to 50s about which female celebrity they would like to have as their girlfriend and releases the results on White Day (14 March). The positions held by the female celebrity in the 2017 ranking are indicated in brackets while dashes mean that they were not in the top 10 last year. Looking at the choices across age groups, Hirose Suzu was the No.1 for teenagers, those in their 20s to 40s favoured Aragaki Yui while those in their 50s preferred Ayase Haruka:

1) Aragaki Yui (1)

2) Ayase Haruka (2)

3) Fukada Kyoko (5)

4) Ishihara Satomi (4)

5) Arimura Kasumi (3)

6) Ishida Yuriko (-)

7) Tsuchiya Tao (-)

8) Matsuoka Mayu (-)

9) Hirose Suzu (6)

10) Takahata Mitsuki (-)

Source: Oricon

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