Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Miyazawa Hio to star in new NHK Yokohama drama SP "R134 / Shounan no Yakusoku"

Miyazawa Hio will be taking on his first leading role in the new NHK Yokohama drama SP "R134 / Shounan no Yakusoku" (Route 134 / The promise of Shounan) which will be shown at 9pm on 27 June 2018. The story is set at the national highway route 134 which runs through the Shounan area in Kanagawa. Miyazawa plays the lead character Kouta who goes in search of a place that faces Enoshima which was featured in an old photograph along with an elderly lady from America. Through the time spent with the lady, he comes to terms with his past amid the beautiful scenery in the Shounan area.

Miyazawa who is acting in his third drama to date (first two were "Kounodori 2" and "Todome no Kiss", said that he was honoured about being given the chance to play the lead so early in his career and that it was a honour to be part of this wonderful drama. Through this story, he hoped that the viewers would be able to see how people can connect with one another regardless of gender, race, language and age. Especially since his mother's hometown is in Kanagawa and he had gone there often to play when he was a child, Kanagawa is like his second hometown filled with lots of local charms which he hoped will be conveyed to the viewers as well.

Source: Oricon

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Idzhar Ara said...

No wonder if he gets lead role. I love his role in todome no kiss and kounodori💕