Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Kanichiro to appear in new TV Tokyo drama SP "Midnight Journal Kieta yuukaihan wo oe! Nananenme no shinjitsu"

Kanichiro will be appearing in the new TV Tokyo drama SP "Midnight Journal Kieta yuukaihan wo oe! Nananenme no shinjitsu" starring Takenouchi Yutaka which will be shown this spring. The story is based on the novel by Honjou Masato who won the 38th Yoshikawa Eiji Literature Newcomer Award and describes the behind-the-scenes happenings in a news company. Takenouchi plays the lead character Sekiguchi Goutaro who is a news reporter transferred from the HQ to the Saitama branch of a news company due to a misreporting incident involving a sensational serial kidnapping-murder case. 7 years later, another kidnapping-murder case of a young girl happens which leads Sekiguchi to suspect if the two cases are related. With the help of his former colleague Fujise Yuri who is from the HQ, Sekiguchi tries to re-investigate the case from 7 years ago. Kanichiro plays a newbie reporter Okada Shota who is investigating the case with Sekiguchi.
Kanichiro who comes from a family of actors (his grandfather was the late Mikuni Rentaro and his father is Sato Koichi), made his debut as an actor in the movies "Kokoro ga sakebitagatterunda" and "Namiya Zakkaten no Kiseki" last year. This will be his first appearance in a drama and he has another movie "Kiku to Guillotine" coming up in summer this year. With regard to acting in his first drama, Kanichiro said that he didn't pay much attention to the difference in the nature of the work and just wanted to focus on each project he takes on one by one. He revealed that his initial intention was to concentrate on movies for the time being but the script of this drama was very movie-like and he was very excited to work with Takenouchi and the director Sasabe Kiyoshi so he took on the offer. Kantaro also spoke about his impression of Takenouchi as a very frank and gentle man and he was grateful for the latter pulling him along just like how his character Okada was being guided by his boss Sekiguchi in the drama.

Source: Oricon


Anonymous said...

before you post something regarding this, you might actually need to check for additional info that you definitely missed. first of all the information is lacking. if you are going to mention midnight journal you should include the whole cast and not just two. there are more wholesome articles on oricon regarding this drama. lol

Chiaki said...

I am not sure if you know this but the trend these days is to release information about the cast in batches i.e. starting with the lead and then the supporting cast. Sometimes, for dramas like the Taiga and Asadora, they even have to do this more than two times for the supporting cast.

With regard to this SP, I am fully aware that there are more cast members but the announcements were not released at one go. In view of this, that is why I am posting about these in the same manner.

The article featured here is about Kanichiro only. As such, this is why my post is as per the source.