Thursday, March 22, 2018

Adachi Rika to star in new BS Japan Spring 2018 drama "Uwasa no onna"

Adachi Rika will be starring in the new BS Japan Spring 2018 drama "Uwasa no onna" (The woman of rumours) which will begin its run from April 2018 in the Saturdays 9pm timeslot. The drama which is based on the same-titled novel by Naoki Award winner Okuda Hideo, marks Adachi's first leading role in a primetime timeslot.

Adachi plays the lead character Itoi Miyuki who is a sexy and daring woman with lots of dark rumours about her. For example, she is said to love only rich men. Back when she was in senior high school, she used to be plain and largely ignored by everyone but she suddenly changed to become a charming woman one day. Miyuki's presence drives the men in a small town crazy as they get besotted with her. However, when the men around her die one by one in strange circumstances, Miyuki is suspected of being involved in their deaths.

Adachi said that when she read the original novel, she was relieved to find out that her character Miyuki is not exactly a gorgeous beauty but rather a woman who attracts the attention of others in her own way. She revealed that she was really engrossed in the story and kept imagining what kind of person Miyuki was. Although she is nervous about her first leading role in a primetime drama series, she would try her best to meet the expectations of everyone especially the fans of the original novel so that they would want to know more about her.


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