Sunday, March 04, 2018

Sano Gaku to star in new movie "Futatsu no kinou to boku no mirai" as a marathon runner

Sano Gaku will be starring in the new movie "Futatsu no kinou to boku no mirai" (Two yesterdays and my future) directed by Oomori Kenichi which is due to be released within this year as announced during a production press conference on 6 February. The fantasy movie is set at Niihama City in Ehime Prefecture and will be its commemorative work to mark the 80th anniversary since it became a city. The director and the scriptwriter Fukuda Takuro are both natives of the prefecture. The heroine is played by Sagara Itsuki while the theme song will be sung by Mizuki Nana who is a native of Niihama.

Sano plays the lead character Kaito who used to be a marathon runner aiming for the Olympics but suffered a serious injury and becomes an employee at the city office instead. In a parallel world, Kaito manages to take part in the Olympics and is still dating his former girlfriend Marino who left him in the original world. As he shuttles between both worlds, Kaito realises what he needs to do in order to continue living.

Sano commented that as he had the experience of giving up on his dream as a professional soccer player due to an injury, he could empathise with the lead's desire to escape into another world where everything would work out well. While reading the script, he was reminded of the importance to accept the current circumstances despite how difficult it may be. Coincidentally, Sano recently played a professional runner in the TBS Autumn 2017 drama "Rikuou" and commented that he was amused that he got another runner's role this time. As such, he would have to maintain his stamina and physical fitness in preparation for the filming. As for Sagara, she revealed that she had visited Ehime before for the shooting of her first photobook so it definitely felt different to be back for the filming of a movie.

Filming will be done entirely in Ehime and begin in mid February.

Sources: Nikkansports / Yomiuri Hochi / Natalie

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