Thursday, March 01, 2018

Supporting cast line-up of new WOWOW drama "Yami no Bansosha 2 ~ Henshuuchou no Jouken" announced

The supporting cast line-up of new WOWOW drama "Yami no Bansosha 2 ~ Henshuuchou no Jouken ~" starring Matsushita Nao and Furuta Arata had been announced. The drama will consist of 5 episodes and begin its run from 31 March 2018 in the Saturdays 10pm timeslot.

The sequel is a suspense story based on the novel "Henshuuchou no Jouken - Daigo Shinji no Hakuran Suiri File -" by Nagasaki Takashi and features Matsushita as an investigator-cum-former police officer Mizuno Yuki working with freelance manga editor Daigo Shinji (Furuta) again to investigate the strange death of a manga editor named Nanbu which is somewhat linked to the Shimoyama incident (the disappearance and death of Shimoyama Sadanori, the first president of Japanese National Railways, in 1949). Soon after Nanbu was invited to become the chief editor of a manga magazine Manga Brave published by a mid-size company, he falls to his death from a building and the letter he left behind leaves behind many questions. Although the police are quick to classify this as an accident, Daigo who is hired to become Nanbu's successor and Yuki try to find out the truth behind Nanbu's death. The manga featured in the drama will be drawn by artists such as Mori Hideki, Tanaka Keiichi, Tsuchiyama Shigeru and Hiramatsu Shinji.

Tsuda Kanji will play Horio Satoshi who was the chief editor of Manga Brave before Nanbu while Shiraishi Shunya will play an editorial assistant Ito Shota. Konno Hiroki plays a full-time editor Watanuki Yoshimasa and Hiraizumi Sei plays Ogi Toshimasa, the second generation president of the publishing company. Iwamatsu Ryo plays Nanbu while Yagi Akiko plays Nanbu's estranged wife Kayoko who is living separately. Komiya Hironobu plays Miura Taichi, the owner of a secondhand bookstore while Tanaka Min plays Menjo Keizo, a former picture story writer who is now a manga artist. Other co-stars include Morimoto Leo, Nukumizu Yoichi, Maeno Tomoya, Nomaguchi Tooru and Maya Kyoko who also appeared in the first series.

Sources: / Oricon

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