Sunday, April 01, 2018

Saito Takumi & Nikaidou Fumi to star in new TV Asahi drama SP "Tantei Monogatari"

Saito Takumi and Nikaidou Fumi will be starring in TV Asahi's remake of the drama SP "Tantei Monogatari" based on the same-titled novel by Akagawa Jiro. The last adaptation movie was 34 years ago in 1983 which featured Yakushimaru Hiroko and the late Matsuda Yusaku and had accumulated box office takings of JPY 5.1bn. The new drama SP will be shown at 9pm on 8 April and is the first production to be shown in the TV station's new timeslot for drama SPs on Sundays.
The story features Saito as the struggling private detective Tsujiyama Shuichi who keeps fumbling in his work and Nikaidou as a tomboyish rich girl Arai Naomi who hires him as her bodyguard. During the 5 days they spend together, the two of them get embroiled into a murder case and try to find the killer which bridges the distance between them.

Saito revealed that before the filming started, he went to pay his respects at the grave of Matsuda and informed his wife Matsuda Miyuki and expressed his desire to do a good job for this drama. He commented that he liked the movie version a lot and had a deep impression of its last scene. As such, to be able to participate in this drama, he felt really happy yet also conflicted at the same time about the remake. However, this adaptation would hopefully spur viewers to check out the movie again so he was glad to be able to act in this current version.

As for Nikaidou who has not acted in a TV Asahi drama for 8 years since 2010's "Atami no Sousakan", she commented that she has always loved Akagawa's novels since she was a primary school student. As such, she was glad to be able to act in this drama and decided to act as naturally as she could without making any special preparations.

Other co-stars include Natsuki Mari who plays Hasenuma Kimie, the housekeeper who takes care of Naomi and disciplines her when the need arises, Fukikoshi Mitsuru who plays Takamine Kiyohito, a police detective working on the murder case and exchanges information with Tsujiyama who used to be his senior in the police force. Hasegawa Kyoko plays Motomiya Sachiko who was Tsujiyama's ex wife and a suspect in the murder case while Kunimura Jun plays Kunizaki Narimichi who is a big-time fixer after Sachiko's life.

Sources: Oricon / Yomiuri Hochi / Natalie

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