Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Saito Yuki to appear in TBS / MBS Winter 2017 drama "Hokusai to meshi sae areba"

Saito Yuki will be appearing in the new TBS / MBS Winter 2017 drama "Hokusai to meshi sae areba" starring Kamishiraishi Mone which will begin its run via MBS from 22 January in the Sundays 12.50am timeslot while it will start via TBS from 24 January in the Tuesdays 1.28am timeslot.

The drama is bsaed on the same-titled manga by Suzuki Sanami which is unique in that there will be no eating scenes even though this is a gourmet drama. Kamishiraishi will be playing the lead character Yamada Ayako who is a poor arts student nicknamed Bun. She moves to Tokyo for her university students and makes creative dishes at her new home in Kita Senju. Bun has a soft toy which she nicknames as Hokusai because it resembles a rabbit. Being shy and having a vivid imagination, Bun goes to great effort to cook her meals which are delicious and healthy despite her being tight on finances and busy with her studies. Saito will play the role of Bun's mother who is naggy but still very likeable. This marks the second time which Saito and Kamishiraishi are playing mother and daughter since the 2012 drama "Koiaji Oyako" so she's confident that the chemistry between them will make things smoother this time.

Besides Saito, Bun's friend Jun will be played by Ikeda Elaiza while Jun's childhood friend Eitaro will be played by Maeda Gouki. Hokusai will be played by voice actor Kaji Yuuki.


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