Monday, February 06, 2017

First-day-screening event of new movie "Koisaika Miyamoto"

The first-day-screening event of new movie "Koisaika Miyamoto" was held at TOHO Cinemas Nichigeki on 28 January which was attended by the director Yukawa Kazuhiko and cast members Abe Hiroshi, Amami Yuki, Kanno Miho, Sato Jiro and Fuji Sumiko. The movie which was adapted from Shigematsu Kiyoshi's novel "FamiResu", features Abe as a junior high school teacher Miyamoto Yohei facing the prospect of divorce initiated by his wife Miyoko after their child has moved out of the family home and trying his best to avert the crisis and start things afresh with her.

Abe expressed his joy at being able to lead a happy married life with Amami thanks to Yukawa and seeing the movie finally screened in the cinemas. Likewise, Amami revealed that even though she was nervous about acting in Yukawa's directorial debut, she experienced a lot of warmth and saw the hard work put into the production so this had been a great experience for her.

As for Yukawa, he was brimming with tears and commented that this day was especially memorable to him and he felt a lot of happiness at finally seeing his first movie as a director being completed. Upon seeing Yukawa's touched expression, Abe recounted that when he first met Yukawa to discuss the movie, he promised Abe that the movie's script was sure to interest him and even said that Abe could go home immediately if he thought otherwise. In addition, Yukawa's wife also prepared a letter which was read aloud by Amami and made Kanno and Kanno cry upon hearing the contents.

As the filming of the movie was done between Jan and March last year, this was the first movie Kanno took on after she gave birth to her first baby in August 2015 so this movie brought back a lot of memories for her. Kanno plays the role of Igarashi Maju who is a housewife with a sharp tongue and attends the same cooking school as Yohei while Sato plays her husband Koji. Sato expressed his joy at being able to play a married couple with Kanno and said that it will be a great memory to look back on while she returned the compliment by saying that Sato made her feel assured during the filming.

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