Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Kanno Miho to appear in new TBS drama SP "LEADERS II"

Kanno Miho will be appearing in the upcoming TBS drama SP "LEADERS II" which is expected to be shown in March this year. The drama which is basd on the true story of Toyota Motor Corporation's history, describes how the lead character Aichi Saichiro (Sato) devotes his life to making automobiles in Japan and continues from the first part shown in 2014. Kanno will be playing iida Kiyo, the proprietress of a kappo-ryotei restaurant Naritatei which is frequented by Yamazaki Wataru (Uchino Seiyo), the sales manager of Aichi Motors. As she is impressed by Yamazaki's passion about his dream, she supports him silently from the sidelines. Filming was done in Kyoto.

Kanno revealed that she had watched the previous drama SP and was honoured to be given a chance to participate in this sequel. Although she felt sad that the filming ended too quickly, she is eagerly anticipating how the final product will turn out.

Sources: Sanspo / Oricon /

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