Sunday, February 05, 2017

flumpool to sing the main theme & ending theme for new movie "Sakurada Reset"

Rock band flumpool will be singing the main theme song and ending theme for the two-part movie "Sakurada Reset" starring Nomura Shuhei and Kuroshima Yuina. The main theme titled "Last Call" and the ending theme "Namida Reset" for the second part were specially written for the movies as requested by the producer. Actually, flumpool was approached to write the main theme only at first but upon hearing the song, the producer decided to get them to write another song. Both songs are set to be released this spring along with the screening of the movies.

"Sakurada Reset Zenpen" will be screened in cinemas from 25 March while "Sakurada Reset Kohen" will be shown from 13 May.

Sources: Oricon /

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