Friday, February 17, 2017

Kanjiya Shihori & Kishitani Goro to star in TV Asahi drama SP "Kurobara Keijika Kyoukouhangakari Kamiki Kyoko"

Kanjiya Shihori and Kishitani Goro will be starring in the TV Asahi drama SP "Kurobara Keijika Kyoukouhangakari Kamiki Kyoko" (Black Rose Criminal Investigation Division Enforcement Section Kamiki Kyoko" which will be shown at 9pm on 19 March. The drama SP is based on the same-titled novel by former police detective Futagami Go who used to work in the Osaka Prefectural Police. The novel which was written after he left the police force won the 2nd Honkaku Mystery Veteran Shinjin Hakkutsu Project organised by Kodansha. This will be the first time that Kanjiya and Kishitani are working together.

Kanjiya plays the lead character Kamiki Kyoko while her supervisor Orihara Keisaku is played by Kishitani. While investigating a murder case, Kamiki finds out the truth behind the death of her father who was a police officer which leads her to the dark secrets within the police force. In order to solve the case and take revenge for her father, Kamiki and Orihara must battle the odds against the strong forces trying to cover up the truth.

Kanjiya commented that she tends to do a lot of clumsy and cheerful characters so this character is a refreshing change for her although she had her doubts whether she could handle playing Kamiki. As for the charm points of this drama, she cited the development of Kamiki's character and how the story is interesting and easy to understand although it will also keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Kishitani echoed the view that this drama is quite unlike the usual 2-hour detective dramas and praised his co-star for doing very well especially in the second half of the drama as Kamiki comes to know how her father died.

Co-stars in this drama include Nogiwa Yoko who plays Inui Shigemi, a mysterious old lady who loves black roses, Tsugawa Masahiko who plays the mastermind Sena Eiichiro as well as Nakamura Shunsuke, Nishioka Tokuma, Fukikoshi Mitsuru, Denden and Oka Mitsuko.

Source: Oricon

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