Friday, February 10, 2017

Ooizumi Yo & Matsuda Ryuhei to be back in new movie "Tantei wa BAR ni iru 3" with new heroine Kitagawa Keiko

Ooizumi Yo, Matsuda Ryuhei and Kitagawa Keiko attended the production press conference of their new movie "Tantei wa BAR ni iru 3" (The detective is at the BAR 3) on 1 February. The latest installment is the first movie of the series in 4 years based on the mystery novel series "Susukino Tantei Series" by Azuma Naomi and features Ooizumi as the detective Ore i.e. I and Ore's partner and driver Takada (Matsuda) who go around Hokkaido in winter to solve cases. The script will be written by Kosawa Ryota who did the same for the two earlier movies and the movie will be directed by Yoshida Teruyuki. Kitagawa will be the third generation heroine following Koyuki and Ono Machiko. Filming is expected to begin at Sapporo from mid February.

Ooizumi expressed anticipation at making a good and interesting movie which led Matsuda to tease him that it took that long because Ooizumi was too busy to do Part 3. Not to be outdone, Ooizumi asked Matsuda if he will be OK juggling the filming of TBS Winter 2017 drama "Quartet" with the movie which the latter promised that it will be fine since he can play the violin and do action scenes at the same time. However, Matsuda did admit that he has been so busy that he hasn't read the movie's script yet. Upon hearing this, Ooizumi "scolded" Matsuda for taking on a drama during this period even though he kept telling Ooizumi that he wanted to do a new Tantei movie. He jokingly suggested that Matsuda should quit from the drama and make it become a trio instead.

In line with the theme of the movie, Kitagawa was asked about what secret she would not like the detectives to know and replied that she wouldn't want to let people see how she looks like at home. She also revealed that she had only met Ooizumi and Matsuda for the first time just 15 minutes before the press conference but she has been a fan of their movies so she is happy to be a part of the new sequel. Kitagawa will be playing the owner of a modelling agency who spins the detective around her little finger.

The movie is expected to be shown in cinemas this winter.

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