Sunday, February 19, 2017

Aragaki Yui & Eita to star in new movie "Mix" as mixed doubles table tennis players

Aragaki Yui and Eita will be starring in the new movie "Mix" which is written by Kosawa Ryota and directed by Ishikawa Junichi. The comedy movie describes how the heroine (Aragaki) used to be a genius at table tennis when she was a child but suffers setbacks in love and work as an OL. In order to resurrect the table tennis club owned by her late mother, she forms a mixed doubles team with a former boxer (Eita) to take part in the All Japan table tennis tournament and get back at her ex-boyfriend (Seto Koji) and his girlfriend (Nagano Mei). Co-stars include Hirosue Ryoko, Endo Kenichi, Tanaka Misako, Sano Yuto, Aoi Yu, Morisaki Hiroyuki, Yoshida Kotaro, Namase Katsuhisa, Yamaguchi Sayaka, Saito Tsukasa, Kumada Rinka, Suzuki Fuku, Tani Kanon, Maki Youko and Kohinata Fumio.

Aragaki who is working with Eita for the first time, commented that her impression of her co-star when they first met for table tennis training was that he is very passionate about his work and good at livening up the atmosphere. In response, Eita said that he wasn't sure if he should call her Gakki (her nickname) or by her surname so he was trying to hide his shyness in front of her. He expressed his anticipation at getting better in table tennis so as to look convincing as players who can compete at the national level and looks forward to the filming. Although both Aragaki and Eita have no experience in table tennis, the two of them have picked up the sport relatively quickly and are trying hard to practice as much as possible since they started training from the beginning of this year.

The movie will be shown from the middle of this month and is expected to be shown in cinemas this autumn.

Sources: / Nikkansports

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