Sunday, February 05, 2017

Shimizu Fumika & Matsui Rena to play stand-up comedians in drama & movie versions of "Warau Manekineko"

Shimizu Fumika and Matsui Rena will be playing stand-up comedians for the first time in the drama and movie versions of "Warau Manekineko" (The Laughing Beckoning Cat) which is based on the novel by Yamamoto Yukihisa who won the best newcomer award in Shousetsu Subaru Shinjinsho. The drama will be shown via MBS and TBS from March while the movie will be screened in cinemas from 29 April.

The story describes how a stand-up comedian duo Akako to Hitomi strive hard to make it in the world of comedy with their friendship and desire to realise their dream as the main driving force. Shimizu plays the role of Takagi Hitomi and Matsui plays Honda Akako who have been working together for 5 years and performs at a small theatre in front of the regulars. One day, while practising their skit along the riverbank, they happen to catch a bicycle thief which marks the start of a remarkable change in their fortunes and their first appearance in a variety show. However, just when they are about to see their efforts bear fruit, things between them become shaky due to an incident.

Shimizu commented that even before the filming began, she already had the feeling that this would be a tough project due to the comedy skits they had to perform with exaggerated facial expressions and physical gestures. There were also scenes where there were not many lines which were tough to act in. However, she was glad to have the director and Matsui with her so she managed to overcome the challenges. Matsui also revealed that she was worried about playing a comedian but she was tickled by the script when she read it. She was especially happy about being able to work with Shimizu who made the atmosphere on the set very lively which was in stark contrast to the days when she was a student so she likened this to a late coming of her youth.


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Guess this one cancel since Fumika announced that she will retired soon due to her entertainment work is disintegrate with her Happy Science Religion.