Thursday, February 23, 2017

Kuroshima Yuina & Kotaki Nozomu to star in new real-life adaptation movie "Principal Koi suru watashi wa heroine desuka?"

Kuroshima Yuina and Johnny's WEST member Kotaki Nozomu will be starring in the new real-life adaptation movie "Principal Koi suru watashi wa heroine desuka?" (Principal Am I who is in love the heroine?) based on the same-titled manga by Ikuemi Ryo. The movie directed by Shinohara Tetsuo will be entirely shot in Hokkaido in March and shown in cinemas next year.

"Principal" which consists of 7 volumes and had sold more than 1.2 million copies to date, features Kuroshima as Sumitomo Shima, a senior high school student whose parents are divorced and having issues with her stepfather and at the all-girls senior high school which she has just entered. As such, she decides to go to her father and move to Sapporo, Hokkaido instead. However, what awaits her at her new school are two entirely different guys Tatebayashi Gen (Kotaki) and Sakurai Wao who are so popular at school that they are regarded as the "common property" of all the girls in the school. Although Shima has little interest in romance due to her problems with her parents and school, she finds herself getting closer to the two guys gradually.

Kuroshima commented that when she read the novel, she was intrigued by the story which was realistic and yet had an unexpected development. As for the filming, she is looking forward to enjoying the nice views and fresh air at vast Hokkaido although she is rather scared of the cold. As for Kotaki, he has to play Gen who alternates between a foul mouth and a gentle guy. Kotaki revealed that he was very happy when he got the offer for this movie but since this is his first leading role in a movie, he also feels the pressure to play someone who is entirely different from his own character. Nonetheless, he will try his best with the help of the staff and his co-stars. In the meantime, he is preparing for the filming by trying to reduce his weight. He had started boxing since 1.5 months ago and lost about 7kg to 8kg so far with a strict diet and will be dying his hair next month before the filming starts.

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