Saturday, February 04, 2017

Prayer ceremony for new movie "Mama, Gohan mada?"

The prayer ceremony for new movie "Mama, Gohan mada?" (Mum, is the meal not ready yet?)was held at Daienji in Meguro, Tokyo, on 30 January which was attended by the lead actress Kinami Haruka. The movie is a collaboration between Japan and Taiwan and based on the essays "Watashi no Hako" and "Mama, Gohan mada?" by actress, dentist, narrator and writer Hitoto Tae who is also the elder sister of singer Hitoto Yo. As the movie is the 10th anniversary commemorative work for Nakanoto-machi in Ishikawa Prefecture since the town was established and the hometown of the sisters, filming was done there and in Taiwan.

The story describes how the sisters who have a Taiwanese father and Japanese mother, find out about a secret in their late mother's Taiwanese recipe book and head to Taiwan in search of an answer. Kinami plays the role of the elder sister while Fujimoto Izumi plays Hitoto Yo. Co-stars also include Komoto Masahiro, Shunputei Shota and Kawai Michiko. The theme song "Kuon" is written and sung by Hitoto Yo.

When asked if it was pressurising to play Tae who is an actress, Kinami said that she felt more stress because Tae is the author of the essay. This is the second time that she is taking on a leading role in a full-length movie so she wants to do well especially for the sake of the staff who picked her. As she is the youngest child in her family, Kinami admitted that she had never questioned whether she was loved by her parents so she asked her elder sister for her experience in this regard as a reference for her acting.

Meanwhile, Kinami's co-star Kawai who plays the sisters' mother, collapsed due to cerebral hemorrhage in Aug 2016 but thankfully, is now on the road to recovery. Kinami commented that she was shocked when she heard about what happened especially since Kawai had seemed so healthy during the filming. However, since she was well enough to have a drink with the director recently, Kinami looks forward to seeing Kawai again soon during the first-day-screening event.

The movie will be shown first in Ishikawa Prefecture from 4 February before it is released nationwide from 11 February.

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