Friday, February 17, 2017

"CRISIS Kouan Kido Sousatai Tokusouhan" to be shown in Cannes before its Japan broadcast

FujiTV Spring 2017 drama "CRISIS Kouan Kido Sousatai Tokusouhan" starring Oguri Shun and Nishijima Hidetoshi will be shown officially at the world's largest international visual contents market MIPTV on 4 April 2017 before its first broadcast in Japan the same month. This is the first Asian drama to be shown during the event since it started in 1963. Traditionally, only dramas from the US and Europe were featured during the event. The last edition of the event involved 3,750 companies from 97 countries and more than 10,000 participants.

The drama written by Kaneshiro Kazuki features Oguri in the leading role of Inami Akira who belongs to the secret team within the police force named Kouan Kido Sousatai Tokusouhan (special investigation unit of the public security department's riot squad). The team is tasked to handle the "dirty jobs" of the country and government and consists of police officers who have unspeakable pasts and secrets which they have to struggle with while handling the critical issues facing the country on a daily basis such as terrorism, new religious groups, military spies and drug peddling organisations. Nishijima plays his colleague Tamaru Saburo who also belongs to the same team. Inami is always resorting to unthinkable measures to overcome the criminals while Tamaru is the exact opposite and the epitome of calmness. Co-stars include Tanaka Tetsushi, Nomaguchi Toru and Araki Yuuko.

Oguri commented that he is very happy about the drama being the first to be selected among Asian works for the screening. Nishijima echoed the view that even before the filming started, it was already anticipated that their drama will be one which has broken the traditional boundaries of Japanese dramas. As such, they are both hopeful that the drama will be well-received by the international audience.

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